Liquid Mineral Supplements: Why Some People Prefer a Liquid Formulation

Liquid supplements are the preferred route for many people due to not having to swallow a capsule. But, there are also other potential upsides to taking certain supplements in this way.

Below, we will focus on liquid minerals specifically, and cover the potential benefits of optimizing your mineral intake, review the reasons why some people prefer a liquid route, go over who should avoid mineral supplementation, and then recommend a good liquid mineral supplement.


What are the benefits of supplementing minerals?

Supplementing with a mineral supplement may be a good idea if you struggle to consume an adequate amount through a balanced and varied diet. 

Minerals supplement usually include nutrients like Magnesium, Potassium, and Boron, among others.

These minerals aid in physiological functions like energy production, hormone production, DNA synthesis, and creating neurotransmitters. Ultimately, adequate amounts of minerals contribute to  bone, cognitive, musculoskeletal, and heart health.


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Why do some people prefer a liquid form for their mineral supplement?

Below, are a few of the most common reasons behind why some people prefer to supplement with a liquid formulation over capsule or tablet options.

Easier to swallow

A liquid formulation may simply be easier to swallow for some people. Very young, or older people may struggle with swallowing large tablets and capsules. Or, you may just be one of those people who never liked swallowing capsules or tablets at all.

More control on dosing adjustments

Having a liquid formula gives you more control over your dosage. For instance, it can be much easier to take one half of a dropper full of a medication to halve your dose, as compared to struggling to split a tablet or capsule evenly.

Able to mix into beverages

Going along with making things easier, liquid formulations may be able to mix or blend seamlessly into some of the beverages you were already planning on consuming, like juices or smoothies. This may be a plus for some multitaskers.

Faster absorption

When it comes down to it, liquid vitamins may be able to be absorbed a little faster than their capsule or tablet-bound counterparts. This is because there is no tablet to breakdown or capsule to dissolve open to let the contents out.


Who should avoid a liquid mineral supplement?

A liquid mineral supplement, or any mineral supplement, may not be a good fit for everyone.

People with kidney or liver disease may not be a good candidate for supplementing with a mineral supplement.

Some mineral supplements contain Lithium, which may not be a good fit for people who are using antidepressants or that have bipolar disorder.

Also, people with conditions like Hemochromatosis or Wilson's Disease should avoid mineral supplements as they may worsen these situations.

Talk to your doctor before if you are considering using a mineral supplement to see if it is appropriate for you.


What is a good liquid mineral supplement?

If you are looking for a good liquid mineral supplement, the Multi-Mineral Liquid from Pure Encapsulations is a good choice.

This supplement contains Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium, Potassium, Sulfate, Lithium, and Boron sourced from a concentrated seawater complex, as found in the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

If you follow the directed serving size of two full droppers (2mL total) this supplement will give you 58 doses for only $37. You can purchase this liquid mineral supplement from Pharmedico Pharmacy: Here.

As with all new supplements, always check with your doctor to make sure including them in your regimen is a good fit for you.

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