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Based on 28 reviews
Keylee Levi
Saved My Toddler 110% Recommend

I just found out my family has mold toxicity and that walls of a ranch house we were living in were rotting from water getting imbetween the rock and home. My son since 18 months has been having horrible night terrors. Like 30-45 min long screaming body shaking all over like BAD. As time went on I found Benadryl (antihistamine) was the only thing that would help him sleeps through the night. After speaking with my doctor he told me to keep giving my child it for a few months to see if we could get his cardiac rhythm back in tune. It helped but I had to give him more and more. He also had serious rage and tantrums that were way worse than any of my other toddlers uncontrollable almost black out type tantrums. Once I found out about the mold and read other stories about what happened to families… the irritability… the rage and about the mass cell activation. It made sense the mold could be the cause of this. My integrative doctor has us doing a mold detox and gave this to my son to help with his night terrors and the rage fits and it has worked 100%. My child has not had one night terror and I have never heard him laugh so much. I cry typing this because it literally is helping give my son his life back.

D-Hist Jr.
Monika Zeqiri
Best quarcetin for kids

Our pediatrician recommended it several years ago to help with seasonal allergies and it started to work almost immediately so we are allergy free for years now.

Nova Calf and Footrest attachment for Wheelchair
Kim McTarnaghan
Excellent Customer Service

Customer service went above and beyond to make sure I ordered the correct parts. Very grateful!

TruAdapt Plus
Chunguang Li


Chunguang Li


Transfer Factor Multi-Immune
William Melchionno

Fast shipment!

ATP Fuel
James Cammarata
ATP fuel

Only taking it for 2 weeks so far. I don’t feel any effects yet. I’ll be patient.

Laurita Hollingsworth
Candibactrin BR

I am currently taking Candibactrin BR for SIBO and hope it is working to eliminate SIBO. I have not taken it long enough to know, but am having diarrhea.
Thank you

Don’t settle for less.

These supplements are very essential for our health. Been using this product over 5 years. Most of all No fillers and my body reaps the benefit. Come on you guys read the label . Do some homework. Think you will come to the same conclusion. BEST on the Market. Remember you are worth it. :-)

ATP 360
Christina Channell

ATP 360

Omega MonoPure® 1300 EC
Great service

It has helped a bit so I am hoping with time I will see more.

Cheryl Stafford


Linda Beck (libe6110)

Great help.

Alpha Base Premier Packs
Shelley Merideth

Great and friendly service!

Terrence Inniss (terry_29_gt)
Satisfied with my experience

Item was as described and was delivered in reasonable time. I will buy again and will recommend anyone

Core Minerals
Naomi P
Prompt customer service

One of my supplements had a missing tamper-evident seal, I emailed them and got a replacement order sent immediately! Very pleased.Feeling super confident this will help with mold illness, my doctor recommended it cause I'm on Mycopul.

Artemisinin Solo
Jenny Miesse
Love it!

Along with my herbal regimen I’m feeling much clearer.

Sharlene Ramsey


Ortho Biotic Women's
Margarita Plasencia
Awesome service

Dat it’s very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. Love
shopping for my supplements at Pharmedico.

Great formula!

Fiber Plus Powder
Jean Whitlock
Fiber Plus Powder

This is the best fiber that I have ever used.

leslie owens

I’ve been taking for about a week and have maybe seen a little improvement, not really sure yet. I’ll finish up the month and check in.

Sherry Bowman (bobby1213)


Joseph Hatzel


Lillian Fuller (lilful_14)


“Great service when I go there in person and order by phone. Friendly staff that goes the extra mile. This store has many products to meet your needs”

“Great people. They are concerned, interested, and kind. Loved working with them.”

“Needed meds compounded for my dog. They provided quick response and reasonable fees for medications.”

“Thank you Pharmedico Pharmacy for the attention for my health. I feel better and my Doctor said ” continue doing what you do” because in my lab. analysis all is good. The vitamins that you recommend me are excellent. Thank you so much.”

“Staff very friendly and helpful, pharmacist extremely knowledgeable, answered all my many questions with great patience.”

“Dr. Dat was professional, helpful and compassionate.Thank you, Dr. Dat!”

“I have been a patron of Dat and his immaculate compounding pharmacy, Pharmedico for over 2 and a half years, (since first moving here to Sarasota). In my experience I can contest that Dat, and his staff are absolutely stellar! Dat persistently pays deft attention to detail, is accurate; compassionate and really cares about each patient’s individual needs. Dat treats his patrons like family! He sends me birthday cards! It is a truly genuine experience every time I go to pick up my meds. His products are of excellent caliber, he will combine your products with expertise and always carries the best, top quality supplements. Most important to note; Pharmendico’s boasts top quality products, and incredibly affordable prices, in all of Sarasota! I highly recommend Pharmedico for all of your compounding needs!”

(Translated by Google) “Very professionals with great knowledge about the products that suit you for your benefit depending on your health conditions. The products are of very good quality, I recommend them.” (Original) “Muy profesionales con gran conocimiento sobre los productos que te convienen para tu beneficio dependiendo de tus condiciones de salud. Los productos son de muy buena calidad, los recomiendo.”

Rx formulations here are ready as fast as the big box pharmacies, & everyone working there is knowledgeable not only about western (U.S/European ) meds, but also supplements. I’ve been buying my meds at Pharmedico for 2+years now, primarily because of the knowledge of the pharmacist, & their stellar service. Thanks Pharmedico, for being a personalized Pharmacy we can rely on. :)”

“Excellent service and high quality are provided at this Lockwood Ridge and UniversityParkway location. I highly recommend their compounding pharmacy.”

“Dat is awesome! He’s so helpful and knowledgeable in helping me select all my supplements. He is extremely professional and reliable. I highly recommend him and his pharmacy.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism and your support. You are greatly appreciated!”

“A+ pharmacy, very knowledgeable. Very helpful. I highly recommend this pharmacy.”

 helpful. I highly recommend this pharmacy.” “I just picked up my B-12 solution at Pharmedico. Great selection and friendly customer service.”

“Excellent customer service! Plan to spend plenty of time here as Dat (owner?) will spend as much time as needed to meet your health needs.”

“DAT has been a GOD SEND for my Mom! I called him during an emergency situation with my Mom down there ( I am in NJ) and he immediately knew what my Mom needed! Took a bit of persuading, but finally my Mom and Dad got to meet Dat – got her covered with walker (temporary) and special supplements to help her get back to herself and enjoy life again! DAT is the MAN! Don’t waste another minute – call him! WHen I fly down to SRQ next month, I will be there to thank him in person for giving my Mom her life back! Thank you so much DAT! Mary Jo daughter of Dan and Pat :)”

“At the normal closing time on a Saturday afternoon, Dat agreed to stay late to compound my sick dog’s medication. He didn’t want my dog to have to go the whole weekend without it. He was very pleasant and the pharmacy has such a peaceful aura. After over an hour, it was completed. Dat then patiently gave me the directions on how to administer it to my dog. He never made me feel like I was putting him out. He is a gem!”

“Having just recently moving to the Sarasota area, and needing to find a compounding pharmacy, we were extremely pleased with Pharmedico. Dat (pharmacist) answered our questions via phone efficiently. He filled the prescription quickly and even offered suggestions on health care providers locally. I needed a more detailed invoice for reimbursement from our HRA account, and Dat to the rescue again with a email so I didn’t even have to stop and pick it up. We will definitely be sharing Pharmedico with everyone! Thanks Dat for a perfect experience!”

“Very polite, attention to detail and even calls when prescription is ready. A visit to this pharmacy is well worth it. A wide selection of medical needs and remedies throughout the store. I picked up a solution from Caleb Treeze Organic Farm called “Stops Acid Reflux in 1 Minute”, and another solution from them for leg cramps and restless legs. Works just as advertised! Well worth the money.”

“Fast service, delivered to my home. Does compounding..great full service pharmacy. Has home health supplies also. Much preferable to giving my business to a big corporate pharmacy.”

“Excellent personalized customer service! Pharmacist is so knowledgeable and helpful that I order my medication and supplements from Pharmedico even though I live in New Mexico! The quality of the supplements are of superior. Customer service, science and nature at their best!”

“If you want a Pharmacy where you will be valued and all your questions satisfactorily answered by a professional, i highly recommend Pharmedico. They have a variety of supplements and i go there because i am guaranteed to find any supplement that i want. The Pharmacist/Owner, Dat is very knowledgeable about all the supplements they carry in the store and always provides useful information. They also carry medical supplies, provide compounding, and acupuncture services. I have never been disappointed at Pharmedico and highly recommend anyone to go check it out.“

“An OTC product recommended to me in the 1970’s by a specialist at New England’s famed Lahey Clinic was discontinued by its maker decades ago. This was the best product I’ve used to control occasional nosebleeds, but it is not available anywhere. I described it to Dat Nguyen, PharmD, CPh, he researched it, and made the exact compound in less than a week! I used it on a persistent nose sore, and it cleared up in two days. Thanks, Dat!“

“We recently visited Pharmedico Pharmacy on N Lockwood Ridge Rd. in Sarasota. My mother was having trouble with the suddenly poor fitting compression hose that she had recently re-ordered. They spent almost an hour with us listening to mom’s predicament, re-measuring her leg and helping us find a well-fitting replacement. They’re having the new hose shipped directly to mom’s house and reminded her to call and return the product if she had any problems. Hard to find better customer service than that! Thanks Pharmedico for your care and concern!“

“Extremely recommended Very professional,the Dr always have high quality of medicine all customs I LOST 10 pounds under his advice and nutrition recommendations Plus the order online came fast to my house“

“When i tried these plant based all natural immune support supplements, it was great. I felt the difference almost immediately and did exactly what i needed it to do. I will forever be going to shop at Pharmedico for any of my medical supply needs, thank you very much Datt!”

“Pharmedico is a great little neighborhood pharmacy! The owner/pharmacist really tries to know all of his customers. It’s a family environment. The pharmacy is a regular pharmacy and offers compounded meds. It is also a cute little store that offers supplements, oils, medical supplies and even seasonal gifts. I try to support local businesses and this one is worth supporting!”

“Love the masks!!! The fit is perfect, the construction is flawless, and the fabric feels like a baby’s cloth diaper!!! Thank you so very much. I liked it so much I wrote a little blog on my Facebook profile. Thank you for a great product.“

“Great products selection. Dat was very knowledgeable and he helped me pick out my new vegan protein powder!”

“If you want a Pharmacy where you will be valued and all your questions satisfactorily answered by a professional, i highly recommend Pharmedico.”

“I needed a 4 wheeled walker with a seat. There was one there, but it wasn’t big enough. So he ordered one and it was there in a couple days. It was perfect and I bought it! I’ve been using it ever since I rolled my walker out the door!”

“The pharmacist is very conscientious about his compounding and sourcing of active ingredients.”

“Good experience. Took time to listen, make calls, problem solve”

“If you want a Pharmacy where you will be valued and all your questions satisfactorily answered by a professional, i highly recommend Pharmedico. They have a variety of supplements and i go there because i am guaranteed to find any supplement that i want. The Pharmacist/Owner, Dat is very knowledgeable about all the supplements they carry in the store and always provides useful information. They also carry medical supplies, provide compounding, and acupuncture services. I have never been disappointed at Pharmedico and highly recommend anyone to go check it out.”

“How often do you walk into a business today and feel like you are in your neighborhood Pharmacy just down the street?? At Pharmedico Pharmacy you are greeted by the Pharmacist Dat Nguyen upon walking in. Dat is professional, knowledgeable and most of all kind. Dat Nguyen is a one-of-a-kind Pharmacist in this area. His caring nature and product knowledge is amazing. From traditional product offerings, to the latest in homeopathic, holistic care & prescription compounding, Pharmedico is unmatched in this town, not to mention the wide array of quality medical equipment and supplies offered in this warm and friendly setting with a knowledgeable staff too. Put your trust in Dat Nguyen, one of the best Pharmacists and Pharmacy’s in SRQ.”

“I am thrilled that Pharmedico Pharmacy moved into the Parkway Shopping Center on University and Lockwood Ridge. When I moved here 2 years ago, I had to send my compounding prescriptions to New Hampshire to be filled. Now, I can get them filled right here within the same day. I also get other prescriptions filled here, as well. There is also a large inventory of supplements, including a multi-vitamin that includes most of my supplements, and no calcium, in one pill. A variety of other items for medical needs are available, as well. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, and the store is spotless. Check it out!”