4 Supplements for Constipation and To Improve Regularity

It is normal to be a little irregular with your bathroom schedule from time to time. But, if you seem to be constantly experiencing constipation (3 or fewer bowel movements per week) it may be time to do something about it.

The first steps are to handle the basic of healthy digestion and gut mobility -- eating plenty of fiber in your diet, drinking lots of water, and moving your body regularly.

If these mainstays of healthy bowel movements are covered, but you are still having issues, it may be time to talk with your doctor.

A doctor can help you get to the root of what might be happening in your body to slow everything down, and make sure it is not occurring due to something very serious. Your doctor may even recommend some of the supplements below to get things moving.

Below, we will cover 4 of the most popular supplements for constipation. Talk with your doctor to see if any of these options may be appropriate for you.


1. Certain fiber supplements

Getting your fiber in through the food you eat is the absolute best route. But, if you seem to be lacking in your dietary fiber goals regularly, or you are dealing with constipation that needs to be remedied immediately, you can look into taking some fiber supplements.

However, when it comes to taking fiber supplements to help with constipation, not every fiber is a great choice. In fact, some types of fiber like wheat dextran and insoluble wheat bran particles can actually end up being constipating themselves.

Finding the best fiber choice for your body and your situation may take a few tries. But, in general, the following fiber supplements tend to be generally good for helping to relieve constipation.:

  • Psyllium husk
  • Methylcellulose
  • Calcium polycarbophil
  • Flaxseed
  • Course wheat bran

Fiber Plus Powder from Ortho Molecular Products is a good fiber supplement choice that contains organic psyllium husk powder, organic flaxseed powder, rice bran, apple pectin, fig, and prune.

You can purchase Fiber Plus Powder from Pharmedicorx.com.


2. Magnesium

We have already talked about how great Magnesium supplement are in our liquid magnesium article.

And, aside from energy production, nerve health, better sleep, and muscle support, some Magnesium supplement might help you stay regular or relieve periodic constipation as well.

Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Oxide, and Magnesium Sulfate have all demonstrated their abilities to improve constipation.

If you want to give Magnesium a try, choose one of the forms of Magnesium listed above, and take according to the instructions on your supplement package, or as directed by your doctor.

Pure Encapsulations carries some popular and affordable Magnesium Citrate Supplements including a 90 count bottle of Magnesium Citrate capsules for $18, or a 180 count bottle of Magnesium Citrate capsules for $30. They even carry a liquid Magnesium Citrate supplement for those who prefer a liquid over a capsule.

You can purchase these Pure Encapsulations Magnesium products from Pharmedicorx.com.


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3. Probiotics

Sometimes if your gut flora is not balanced, your bowel movements can be very thrown off, including dealing with regular constipation.

Probiotics can help get your bacterial balance back on track and may improve your regularity over time.

In one study looking into probiotics for constipation, the researchers reported that the bacterial strain Bifidobacterium lactis may be particularly beneficial for stool consistency, frequency, and gut transit time.

Ortho Biotic from Ortho Molecular Products is a good probiotic supplement that contains Bifidobacterium lactis, as well as 6 other bacterial strains for general gut flora support.

You can order Ortho Biotic in a 30 capsule or 60 capsule size bottle from Pharmedico Pharmacy at Pharmedicorx.com


4. Senna

Senna is an herbal supplement that is regularly used to treat constipation. Senna, or sennosides, are the active component of the medication Senokot which you can buy over the counter at most stores.

Senna may help with increase the frequency of bowel movements and improve quality of life in patients dealing with chronic constipation.

Senna can generally be safely used on occasion to help relieve constipation. But, it is not advised to use this supplement in high doses or long term due to the risks of liver damage or other adverse effects.



Written by: Jill Barat, PharmD

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