Private Pay Prescription (PPP) Program


Pharmedico store front

What is PPP Program?

The Benefits
  • Saves time and money on generic drugs
  • Eliminates the need for a “discount card” such as GoodRx card, etc..
  • No middle-man insurance interference
  • 100% transparent pricing of medications
Is this for me?
  • Call us today to schedule a free consultation to assess your needs and how Pharmedico Pharmacy can help you.
  • Insurance can be a nightmare for some patients and we want you to feel 100% confident in your care at Pharmedico Pharmacy.
  • Private pay doesn’t mean just cash!
  • We accept all major credit cards and Health Saving Accounts (HSA).

Transparent Pricing

At Pharmedico Pharmacy, we strive to provide transparent pricing to our patients. Pricing structure is based on our cost plus the dispensing fee. Most of our generics cost:

  • $15 for 30 days supply
  • $20 for up to 90 days supply
  • $30 for up to 180 days supply

Call us today for a quote! Pricing is subject to change based on product availability.